No Mario's Sky


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some news? the level are really procedural?

I like this game better than no mans sky at least in this one you get a space ship

made commentary on game play.

No Mario´s Sky - DMCA´s Sky

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Remake the game, but using the "SuperTux" Data , because is GPL or "Secret Maryo Chronicles"
Where i can download the Linux Native Version ???


"Taken Down By Nintenedo"

This is the internet, once up, its there forever.

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Please tell me I wasnt the only one who LOVED the Princess Mango rewrite. Honestly I loved the game, it was a great mix of nostalgia and sticking it to nintendo. #whysosaltynintendo

Well, here's some gameplay of the... "successor"

The game is out there Nintendo.. you'll never keep it off the net now. (dumb it was removed anyway, unlike most fan made games ,I didn't see any directly taken sprites, only spoofed sprites and a guy that happened to be named Mario.. you know, because no two people, real or fictional, can have the same name... #FU*CKNintendo!

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A shame about the Nintendo finger wag. This game is pretty entertaining.

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Still available at at the time of writing. Use the Softpedia Secure Download option.

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it has been removed. any new links?


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Still available at at the time of writing. Use the Softpedia Secure Download option.

Isn't this fair use as a parody?

Anyone got the download for Mac handy?

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How I dowload


Nintendo has no right to abuse the DMCA. this game is not making a cent and you guys have the nerve to take this game down because its hurting a small profit. Piss off


While one might argue jumping straight to a formal DMCA notice is overkill vs a polite asking first, copyright (which Nintendo clearly has over Mario) isn't solely about making money directly. But also allowing someone to protect a brand or image. This isn't abuse, just being somewhat heavy handed.

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Gotta disagree with you there my man. Copyright is for preventing someone from copying someone else's work. Nintendo didn't create a single asset in this game, except the concept of mario, and concepts can't be copyrighted, only "physical" works. Concepts can only be patented and maybe trademarked but trademark isn't handled with DMCA requests anyway.

Nintendo may have not created the art assets in this game but this IS Nintendo's Mario. Anyone looking at it (and the scenery) would ID it as Suler Mario Bros 1. It's derivative out the metaphorical ying-yang. The character and the environment (as I've seen in screenshots).

Mario, in and of himself, is a work not simply a concept. He is way to defined for "concept". A plumber who saves a princess is a concept. A plumber with a big nose, red jumpsuit, red hat with some emblem on it jumping on monsters acorns call goombas is very defined. And video games are a medium recognized by copyright law. Saying it must exist physically is very broad in copyright, mostly just requiring it be recorded somehow. Not just in your head.

That not even including the trademark issues.

I can't play the game it says:

There should be 'NoMariosSky_Data'

folder next to the executable

Make sure you extract everything onto your PC first, then try to run it. Don't just run the .exe from the .zip itself.


why i download and install the game?



goddamit, now we'll never get the source code


I'm saddened by the take down, but am also glad that the totally not related DMCA's sky is available ;)

Cool mash up idea over all, especially for one made in 72 hours.

jogo bom

This Game is awsome

This Game is awsome

This Game is awsome

Ich mag parodierte Spiele :)


I know this is a long shot... but is there any chance that someone could send me a copy of No Mario's Sky itself? I want to play that version if at all possible and can't find it elsewhere. Everywhere I've tried keeps leading me back here, which of course doesn't have the game anymore because of Nintendo's crappy DMCA takedown notices...!Fh1EXLbT!1FlQd-GWnbS8H__p-0UsDaO4hDyhOHW5wY5sm964vxg

Thanks a lot! You've just made my morning!

....and Nintendo DMCA'd it already :(


Thanks for playing, everyone. It was a fun week. :)

looks great, Ilike it !!!

Great idea for a game! Mario even tried it out here:

I love this idea

Will you be able to play this game with your friend?


No Man's Sky is the intellectual property of Hello Games. You should not buy their games. Any likeness is coincidence.

funny and fun lol, Goombas with hair you can't go wrong.




Loved the game!! I ended up playing this longer than i did with no mans sky XD

Haha great. Thx for playing :D

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