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It's npt tp bad


Aww, you shoulda renamed all Mari...(Copyright Infringement INBOUND!!!) characters and items to (example) DMCA-oin (coin), DMCA-up (1Up), DMCA-ario,DMCA-rincess-DMCA-each that woulda been so much more hilarious.

It won't work please help

are you having trouble with the download or the start up?

Mine won't set up correctly. keeps telling me that there needs to be a Data folder next to the executable. But the folder is right there.

whoops never mind before it was saying something like "Windows cannot open this zip the files might be corrupted" but now I reinstalled it(for like the fifth time) and it now it runs and opens so nvm sorry

This is just extrodinary. I whole heartedly support people that made this and it's true quality.

My game is all pink



Love the game, but I'm curious: Is there an actual end, as in can we find Princess Mango? Would be fun having a "goal" to work towards!

Funny how just a few minor changes make something "legal" again. Nice job rolling with the punches though. Good humor in the new name, heh.

actually realy cool

One of the best LudumDare games this time! Very cool... runs smooth and feels very polished... I'm sorry for Nintendo that this cute little game was a problem for their lawyers ... keep on going. Cool game !!!


Be a fan of Nintendo and receive it :P

If anyone wants No Mario's Sky PC or MAC email:

There are links on the old page

Got a chance to try it. Controls are better now. Good work!
Mario tried out this version of the game, too. It seemed appropriate!


I have a problem when I'm in a world everything is pink and the spaceship all right

please make a app for iOS and android

is there anyway to save the game or does it reset everytime?

i just finished playing your game and think its delightful. its a shame that your original game was taken down. if i was Nintendo i would have given you money to put this on the 3DS even if it was a free game i would gladly play it o the go. look forward to what you do next.

I love it


Any plans on making this open source? This game would be really fun to mod.

I really enjoyed the game, so they could put more things like weapons , battles and things deicham the interactive game .

Hey I was wondering if you could explain to me in theory how you made the world curved and had the blocks curve with them? It doesnt look like its just a rotation, but some kind of filter or something, but then I cant imagine how you would get the collision to work that way. Im really curious! Thanks!

I can't speak for the devs personally, but this is customarily done with a vertex shader, as explained in this video (just a random google result, I'm not affiliated with this guy in any way)

The short version is that the world probably isn't curved (since, as you pointed out, collision would be more complicated and costly) but rather the shader bends your perception of the world like a funhouse mirror. Hope that helps!

Hi! The collision and physics is all done in an invisible flat 2d world (like the original mario). The actual tiles and sprites are then wrapped onto a circle -- it could be done in a vertex shader but we just do that transformation on the cpu. The tiles need to be deformed otherwise there are gaps.

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I feel a great desire to mod this game, don't know why. However, after a quick google, it appears that Unity doesn't let you do that. Modding API possibly, in Lua if you can?

Edit Edit: Also, great game. Thank you very much.

*For some reason 'Thanks very much.' sounded like proper grammar at the time.

It's a shame that nintendo had to take down the old version. It seems like nintendo's taking down fangames of everything nowadays. Nonetheless, this is still a great game!


So... A Nintendo copyright strike? Or was it from Hello Games?

great!!! :)

Nintendo strikes! But the memory of No Mario's Sky will go on:

Good game, I've enjoyed it. However the controls seem to be somewhat imprecise.

Thats so sad that they did that but because the internet lives forever we still can see the old version No Mario's Sky <3


Really great solution! Mario actually tried out the Mario version of the game here:


nevermind, there's still hope


Unfortunate what happened to the older version, I got a video recorded just a few hours before it went offline though! Game is so much fun, how many planets are there?

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Damn, you aren't even safe making tiny, unrecognised games for LD! Good to know, though.

Good job, guys, the game's great!

thanks for older version <3

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Haha, awesome response to Nintendo's lawyers guys! This version's better anyway! Found some giant Moombas and some cute little mini ones too!


Still suffers from the problems of No Mario's Sky. The controls are so stiff. Jumping and moving around feels weird.


What do you expect. They'd rather be edgy, than make a playable game.


Like No Man's Sky.

Crackerjack. Great work guys. :)


Hi guys,

Made a video about it, check it out if you want or whatever.


Well that was quick, cheers! :)

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