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which one is you favorite?


I HATE THIS GAME!!!!!! it has slippery controls,laggy gameplay,punishing level design and low chances to finding a 1 up! 0/10


bro it's a 6 year old game, made in a game jam. what did you expect? 😐


sorry bout hardcore to play

that's fair enough


I hate the Nintendo ninjas! They take down projects like this and it makes me angry!

Why my character keep walking for the left if i am dont making him go to the left??????


Booo Nintendo! No Mario's sky was great! I'm glad you decided to put up a replacement


I'm not... If they didn't send a copyright notice then this wouldn't of sounded like a ripoff.


No worry though, dev team. People will still looking for your work. And, the game is quite good too , to be honest. We will gonna remember this game. That Mintendo just get butthurt hearing "Mario" word from someone but not them. God bless you ASMB team.

Here is my First 22 Mins (Blind and Clueless) of No mario's sky :


It's crazy to see the origional page taken down by Nintendo. But Hey, we'll never forget this as No Mario's Sky :)


Would you possibly be interested in releasing the source code for this project? A few buddies and I were wanting to do an orbital-physics type game with random planet generation and seeing how this was done would help a ton!


what did u make the game with


no mario's sky era legal, porem, A WILD NINTENDO APPEARS


I love the new name! That'll show 'em! I hope every project that gets a DMCA notice will do something similar.


ASMB, will this ever get made into a full game? or it won't since it's a ludum dare entry or something?


I also want to know about this, because this game is actually pretty fun. Would be great if it got things like base building, and maybe even some co-op, heck even just some new planet types would be cool.


(The M from ASMB here, hi!)

It might! We've talked about it a few times but we want to be sure there's actually enough gameplay there to justify a full game! We don't want to fall into the same trap as NMS where there's an infinite universe full of nothing to do, but we're also not so hot on doing a bog-standard linear platform puzzle game either. We've had a few cunning plans but haven't had time to work on any of them yet :)

Currently the A, S and B of ASMB are working their butts off to ship Moonman by early next year as well, so there's that!


So interesting!

If this game sales on steam,I think I'll buy it!


Tell me when this is a full game! I mean, it's already REALLY cool, but when it's got Moopas and ummm... Mowser, that'll be something!

Controls are a bit frustrating.

Awesome game! Hey I possibly found a bug. I went into my spaceship and flew around the first world in a circle. The land disappeared it was all just brown surface and then I jumped out and died when I landed on that brown surface.

More like no man's sky


I'm interested in learning on how you developed the mechanic for the rotating world! I've gotten back into playing Odin Sphere and I'm having a hard time figuring out what the "rotating world" mechanic is called and how to recreate it. I saw that your game does this on a whole other level, so I was wondering if you could talk a little on how you did that!
Thank you!

The physics of the game is all done in a 2d mario-like world. I then transform each tile and entity to wrap around a circle, using basic trigonometry.


- Ben

super new to linux, running mint18 how do I get this to run after downloading?

Hi. Just run "./" from the command line.

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I figured it out finally! Thanks though :)

i dont see much diffrence bruh

What an awesome parody game :)


No Mario´s Sky - DMCA´s Sky

It would be cool if the games sprites were kept in a folder where they could be customized

Is there any way to mod the sprites of the game? ;)

I don't think so, unless there's a .unity resource hacking program out there somewhere?

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I have a program called Unity Assets Explorer by Haoose,it can extract some stuff from unity files ,i'm sure there is other progs. out there too.

I think it's on v1.5 not sure . Read this(SCROLL DOWN THE PAGE) :


Unity Studio is a tool for exploring, extracting and exporting assets from Unity games and apps.

also maybe read this ,

while playing on mac in fullscreen mode, the cursor is always visible. any chance to fix that?

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Game WAS AMAZING lol I loved this and I might play more of it thank you for the excellent experience ASMB games, here is a gameplay of my experience check it out :D


Hey everyone I posted 3 INDIE GAMES! I had tons of fun with these little games!

"DMCA'SKY" was one of them :)!


well never forget No Mario's Sky :(


So glad I have No Mario's Sky :D I will keep it forever Nintendo can't stop me :D


This was fun! Sorry to hear about the original, but glad to see the game didn't die there :)

I also made a let's play >.>

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Super Mario in No Man's Sky ?!?


Muscle Toad was a fun guy to be with but Muscle is just so much dreamier.

Game is a ton of fun! I feel like this is even better than No Mario's Sky to be honest, there were definitely some new things I ran into in this game I didn't see in No Mario's Sky. Also love the addition of saving progress! Great job guys!

Please tell me I wasnt the only one who LOVED the Princess Mango rewrite. Honestly I loved the game, it was a great mix of nostalgia and sticking it to nintendo. #whysosaltynintendo

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